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Calendar: here are the clashes to watch at the end of the season

The end of the season is approaching in the MLB. There are only two weeks left before the end of the regular schedule and the start of the playoffs.

Several clubs have not yet decided on their fate, which has the effect of making everything very exciting.

What is interesting is to see not only the state of the ranking, but also to look at which clubs will have it easy.

And for that, nothing better than the Tankathon sitewhich classifies the different calendars according to the degrees of difficulty of the opponents.

It is therefore based on their model that this afternoon, we will talk about calendars. We’re going to take the 16 teams that still aspire to the playoffs to talk about their schedule.

In fact, we’re not going to talk about the Braves, Dodgers, Orioles and Rays, who are already guaranteed to make the playoffs.

Among the 12 remaining teams that have a true chance of qualifying, we will put their rank in the ranking of the most difficult calendars and their chances of making the series as a percentage.

Series percentages come from FanGraphs.

2. Giants: 13.4%

The Giants have the second-toughest schedule in MLB until the end (the Nationals have the toughest) since the Dodgers (two series) and Diamondbacks are on the menu.

Even if the series against the Padres will help a little, the fact remains that it will not be easy. The club is two games away from the playoffs.

3. Blue Jays: 78.3%

By the end of the season, the Blue Jays are the only team among the 12 without an “easy” opponent on the menu, according to Tankathon.

The Rays (twice) and Yankees (twice) will be the opponents. It won’t be easy.

Seeing the Rangers and Mariners meet twice (seven games) between now and the end of the season is the Jays’ biggest asset and that explains the high percentage.

The club has lacked consistency for weeks. After the series against Texas, the club had only a one in three chance of qualifying. The Red Sox sweep helped.

10. Cubs: 46.3%

The Cubs have lost their last five games and the rest will not be easy. Yes, there are matchups against the Rockies and Pirates on the menu, but the Braves and Brewers will be tough.

Their best chance? The big clashes will be next week and the clubs will perhaps rest guys in due time. Until then, Chicago must win this week.

11. Rangers: 71.7%

The Rangers’ biggest challenge will be facing the Mariners seven times, in two series. This is where it will play out.

However, the series against Boston and Anaheim should not be underestimated.

12. Phillies: 98.4%

The Phillies are in a good position to make the playoffs. The fact that Pirates and the Mets (twice) are on the menu certainly helps their cause.

The Braves won’t be an easy customer, however.

14. Astros: 96.9%

The Astros may have a lead of 1.5 games over the Rangers and 2.5 games over Seattle, but their schedule will not be easy.

Ok, the Royals will be on the menu, but the Orioles, Mariners and Diamondbacks won’t be easy customers. Be careful not to arrive too confident.

16. Mariners: 52.8%

Right now, the Mariners are out of the playoff picture. Facing the A’s should help win games.

But the two series against Texas and the one against Houston will not be easy.

20. Marlins: 54.6%

We are starting to fall into the easiest calendars. So much the better for Miami, which will have a lot to do to sneak into the playoffs.

Beating the Brewers won’t be easy, but the two series against the Mets and the one against the Pirates are a godsend right now.

22. Diamondbacks: 56.5%

Other than due to the matchup against the poor White Sox, I don’t know why the Sox have the 22nd easiest schedule in MLB.

The Astros, Yankees and Giants won’t necessarily be easy customers. I like the Marlins schedule better, if I have to choose.

25. Reds: 30.6%

Honestly, I don’t hate the Reds’ chances of making the playoffs. Even though they are one game away from getting in and have two teams to overtake, their schedule is not difficult.

The Guardians, the Pirates, the Cardinals and the Twins, their “toughest” opponent on paper, are not invincible clubs, quite the contrary.

26. Brewers: 99.9%

Everything indicates that the Brewers will make the playoffs, having a 6.5 game lead over the Cubs in the National League Central. But what’s more, their calendar is not complex.

The Cardinals (twice), the Marlins and the Cubs (well, well) are on the menu.

30. Twins: 99.9%

The Twins are fortunate to play in the easiest division in MLB and have no opposition: they have a seven-game lead over the Guardians.

They also have the easiest schedule in the MLB until the end (Reds, A’s, Rockies and Angels), which means that we will see Édouard Julien in the playoffs.

As all the other teams have less than a percent chance of making the playoffs, it is with these clubs that it will be played.

Good end of season to all.

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