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Bryce Harper tries to convince the Phillies to sign Kris Bryant

Now that the market is open in MLB, we’re all wondering what the big free agents will do. Among them, Kris Bryant.

In his case, even if he will command a big salary (nothing excessive, but a big salary all the same), several clubs will be in the mix.

In my opinion, the Mets do not have what it takes to sign Bryant. Why? Because the Mets mismanaged their affairs.

In my eyes, the Seattle Mariners are in a great position to sign the third baseman (and outfielder). They have money to spend and they clearly need a Bryant. It’s written in the sky.

But as I’ve written before, don’t forget about the Phillies. They need an outfielder, some insurance at third base, and they’re willing to spend. I see them having their noses in the file.

Another argument? Bryce Harper is a good friend. And right now, the reigning MVP is trying to convince his bosses to trust Bryant.

Recall that a few years ago, it was Bryant who wanted to convince Harper to sign in Chicago. Clearly, the two have always wanted to play together and this is their best chance to make it happen.

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I wouldn’t bet everything on Philly because Seattle has a good chance (and it’s a club that’s in the West, not the East), but still: the Bryce Harper effect could be quite interesting for the former Cubs, who won the World Series in 2016.

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