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Bryce Harper could sign contract extension with Phillies

Barely recovered from their somewhat disappointing elimination against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the National League Championship Series, the Philadelphia Phillies must look to the future in the short and medium term.

And when we talk about the medium term, we immediately think of Bryce Harper, even if there are still eight years left on the lucrative thirteen-year, $330 million contract that the star player signed with the team. of the City of Brotherly Love in 2019.

This is because even if the big hitter’s pact was a record at the time, it is now considered a godsend at the moment, considering the performances that Harper has put on the board during the last few campaigns.

Indeed, the new first baseman has done everything his team could have hoped for, with the exception of getting a World Series ring. An MVP, classic playoff moments, a position change and you have everything MLB organizations dream of.

This is what makes his agent Scott Boras think that not having negotiated an exit clause in his contract was not the right thing to do and that starting discussions for an extension of contract could make sense at present.

As expected, Phillies president Dave Dombrowski has not commented on the matter and certainly will not do so.

With Zack Wheeler about to extend his contract, Trea Turner who just signed a big pact and Aaron Nola who will become free in the coming days, the timing may not be good for Harper .

But with Boras around, you can expect anything.

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