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Blue Jays: what’s next?

Since the start of the offseason, the Blue Jays have added Erik Swanson… and Don Mattingly. Departures are more numerous: Teoscar Hernandez was traded while Ross Stripling, David Phelps, Raimel Tapia, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Bradley Zimmer became free.

So, in an ideal world, it will be necessary to add guys in the outfield, left-handed sticks, at least one starter (and maybe two) as well as a reliever.

To do this, the club has hopes (but the bank is less and less stocked), three receivers on the roster… and money.

Moreover, if we rely on this tweet from Jon Morosi, it is obviously the name of Danny Jansen who is currently circulating in the jargon of the other teams.

But for that, the guys have to want to sign in Canada, and at the right price for the club.

But with the market taking off, the club needs to take the next step. This will be done now that management has a good idea of ​​the state of the market.

But who are the targets? In fact, we should probably expect to see many guys in the sights of the club, especially on the mound.

A guy like Kodai Senga, for example, is clearly in the sights of the Blue Jays, this club that wants to add at least one starter… and maybe two.

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Ross Stripling is another target, he who did well in 2022 in the Queen City, but the club is aware that he must have several targets because the majority can sign elsewhere.

Examples? Justin Verlander was in the ranks and the club were ready to go on a two-year contract. Kyle Gibson received the same offer from the Jays and Oriolesbut he went to Maryland.

There are surely others who have not come out publicly.

That’s why the club casts a wide net. At what point? To the point where a guy like Andrew Heaney would have a Blue Jays offer on the table.

After all, yes, the Blue Jays will have internal options, but we shouldn’t rely too much on those options. Good clubs, they need depth.

A guy like Ricky Tiedemann could come and help out along the way, but that doesn’t mean he should be counted on. Shade.

It will be necessary to organize so that Yusei Kikuchi and Mitch White do not become “indispensable” within the club. We understand each other?

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We understand each other.

Offensively, the need for an outfielder is there. You hear less about guys like Cody Bellinger and Brandon Nimmo. The latter is also present at the winter meetings to chat in person with certain teams.

Will the Bryan Reynolds file, a guy who will not be traded at a discount by the Pirates, change the Jays’ plans? A bit, obviously.

Several files are therefore on fire, but the signatures (or transactions) have not yet been carried out by the DG.

It shouldn’t take long.

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