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Blue Jays: the same virus as in training camp is still spreading

It’s not uncommon to see a virus spreading in a baseball locker room. After all, guys have families and they’re always together in the locker room and on planes, for example.

It is therefore normal that for a few days a virus spreads in a team.

But what’s happening with the Blue Jays right now is unusual. For what? Because the same virus that was circulating in training camp is still raging.

In the last few days, there are still guys who have been forced to miss games because of this virus. It fascinates the club that months later, the problem is not solved.

The players, at least, weren’t all sick at the same time. So that, in a way, avoided putting manager John Schneider in trouble in the middle of the problem.

But that means that the club never really gets out of it.

Some guys had it harder than others and some only missed one game, but I imagine there’s a certain “climate of terror” going on in Toronto right now.

No one wants to catch the virus, after all.

The problem is that the guys are not placed on the injured list because it does not last 10 days. We therefore see the manager often leading with a smaller bench than usual.

It’s rare that we see that, then.

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