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Blue Jays hire first female coach in history

Excellent news from the Toronto Blue Jays today, as we learned in the late afternoon that the Canadian team hired the first female coach in its history. Indeed, it is more precisely to Mrs. Jaime Vieira that this prestigious feat of arms returns.

What’s more, Ms. Vieira is an Ontarian who was born in Georgetown and now resides in Oakville. We can say that the Jays have unearthed local talent in connection with this appointment.

To accomplish this, the star of the day will act as a hitting coach at the minor league level. However, in this off-season, as the Blue Jays have not yet fully finalized the organization chart and the structure of their various subsidiaries, the more precise role of Vieira is not yet rubberstamped.

The latter will therefore have to wait a little before starting the distribution of its business cards, but that will not be long in coming.

Work your way up

Jaime Vieira has been part of the Toronto organization since 2019 already. It was first as a coordinator for the Blue Jays Foundation that she got her foot in the door. As recently as last year, she was working in the team’s baseball operations on a multitude of projects, as his Linkedin page indicates. In less than three years, she will therefore have succeeded in climbing the hierarchy of the club and thus become a coach. We have to take our hat off to him.

This is big news regarding the place of women in the world of sport in 2022. In that sense, just this weekend, I was chatting with an important and influential woman in the world of sport Quebecois. The latter mentioned to me that the key to success for women in order to carve out a place for themselves in this industry is to prove themselves.

I have the humility to think that this is exactly what the protagonist of this text did, otherwise she would never work for the team for three years. Impossible! The sports world is pretty cruel, I can speak with full knowledge of the facts.

Year in and year out, more and more women are being talked about in baseball. As you learned yesterday on our site, distinguished readers, Rachel Balkovec of the New York Yankees organization has become the first woman to be appointed as a MiLB team manager.

All this, without forgetting a woman like Kim Ng, the CEO of the Marlins who advances the cause of human rights (in what humbly wants to be one of my most beautiful articles on this blog) and the young Canadian Marika Lysczyk who is size quietly, but surely, a place of choice in the world of baseball.


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