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Autonomy market: Aaron Judge must learn from Albert Pujols’ journey

We are in the final stretch of this magnificent 2022 season in major league baseball, as today begins the last full week of activity in this marathon of 162 games. At the end of the campaign, two subjects caught the attention of all those who follow MLB news from near or far. Two names, I say: Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge.

In this sense, the always excellent Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic went there with one of the best sports texts that I had the opportunity to read in a long time. He reminded us how similar the contractual situation of Judge and Pujols (in 2011) is and that the first should take inspiration from the other, when it comes time to make one of the most important decisions of his life. .

After all, Pujols regretted leaving Saint-Louis.

What if Pujols had stayed in St-Louis?

We’ll never know what the 700-home run man’s career would have been had he not signed that lucrative 10-year, $240 million deal with Anaheim. We can philosophize and thinking that it was probably the best thing for both clans to break their vows, at the time. However, the reconciliation between the number 5 and the club that saw him grow testifies to all that has been lost during this decade. Not only for the player, the training, but also the fans, without whom this sport would not be so magical.

It is by taking inspiration from this situation that Aaron Judge will have to reflect on his future as a human and an athlete for his next contract. It’s good for a professional sportsman to play for the team that drafted you and trusted you first. The team you grew up with in the system, played your first career game and rubbed shoulders with co-workers through thick and thin for so many years.

Above all, for Judge, it’s not nothing when all this is done while wearing the mythical uniform of the New York Yankees and that the records you break are those of Babe Ruth and Roger Maris. I don’t want to take anything away from the DBacks, the Brewers or the Rays, but the Yankees are still the Yankees.

Speaking of the Yankees, they too will have to remember that by making him an offer. Judge is the poster boy of training. He sells tickets and jerseys and establishes his name in the rich history of the club alongside the other greats. He is a good boy, appreciated by the fans, in addition to being an excellent leader. Probably the best since Derek Jeter left…

To quote Rosenthal: Some teams forget the importance of re-signing a player developed by the organization. Sometimes players tend to forget the value of staying with their original club.

There is a presence, as much for the player as the team, to look at the photo with the cap and the jersey of the player’s team during the day of the draft!

A thought for Freddie Freeman

Doesn’t the situation remind you a bit of that of Freddie Freeman last year? Between you and me, do you think he would support such a text? I don’t know if Freeman will drop a call at Yanks’ 99, but if I were Judge, I’d manage to sound out the opinion of the newest member of the Dodgers. Not you?

  • On this day, Roger Maris equaled Babe Ruth’s home run record. Will Aaron Judge, in turn, match Maris’ mark?
  • Frankie Montas is getting better.
  • Julio Rodriguez back next Monday?
  • Michael Chavis released by the Pirates.

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