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Anthony Rizzo is healthy

The next campaign is a crucial one for the New York Yankees. Nothing except a presence in the World Series will be accepted by the fans… and by the organization, which ultimately seems to want to win.

Which means everyone will have to pitch in, starting with the team's veterans, including Anthony Rizzo.

Good news: the first baseman is finally healthy. Indeed, according to Greg Joyce of New York PostRizzo said he has overcome his concussion symptoms and is ready to be a key part of the lineup again in 2024.

The 34-year-old also added that he played despite his concussion last season, and compared it to coffee.

I would describe it as if you were a coffee drinker. It's like waking up and trying to do something before having coffee. I'm just more alert and aware now.

Rizzo had been one of the Bombers' most productive players during the first two months of the 2023 campaign, before his collision with Fernando Tatis Jr. He had maintained a .304 batting average in his first 229 plate appearances , cannoning eleven long balls and adding eight doubles.

Upon his return, his production fell into free fall, as evidenced by his .172 batting average over his final 192 plate appearances, hitting only one home run.

His season then ended on August 2, when he was placed on the injured list three days later due to concussion symptoms.

The Yankees will need a healthy Rizzo next season to protect Aaron Judge in the offensive lineup, along with newcomer Juan Soto.

Let's hope for them that it lasts all season.

  • Julio Teheran with the Orioles. It's a minors contract.
  • Shohei Ohtani is not expected to play infield in 2024.

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