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Albert Pujols: a 702nd home run in his last game (regular season)

Just because Albert Pujols hit his 700th career home run doesn’t mean the St. Louis Cardinals stopped playing him.

Why? Because the guy is still dominant.

This afternoon, in his last career home game (obviously excluding the upcoming playoffs), he obviously hit his 702nd career home run and his 23rd of the year. No one has more circuits than him since August 14th.

What a beautiful moment in one of the most satisfying career endings in MLB history.

Earlier in the game, he had been looking for two more RBIs, which resulted in him having three in the game. In career, here he is at 2214.

And so, he’s tied for second in history with Babe Ruth. Only Hank Aaron (who has 2297) has more.

Let’s say there’s a lot of magic in the air in St. Louis in 2022.

Babe Ruth will therefore have seen Aaron Judge hit more home runs than him in a season and he is one run produced to see Albert pass him in the history of the sport. Yes, Albert is at home in St. Louis…

As the Cardinals are guaranteed to finish first in the Central Division and third in the National, some regulars were rested and Albert Pujols was on first base.

Yadier Molina was Adam Wainwright’s catcher in the final (regular season) home game of the year.

It was their 328th and final regular season start together, which officially freezes the record for a multiple-year pitching/receiving duo.

Their first game the three together was on September 1, 2005, over 6000 days ago.

To honor the last home game of the two legends, the Cardinals held a beautiful ceremony for the catcher and the power hitter. They received beautiful gifts.

Wainwright rightly spoke and he bragged about his two teammates.

Regarding Molina, he considered him the best defensive receiver in history and he considers him the best teammate of his career.

For Pujols? He confirms that he was the best hitter he played with and he said this.

With all due respect to the other players I’ve played with, if Albert had stayed in St. Louis after the 2011 season, I believe we would have won two more World Series titles.

– Adam Wainwright

I see them going for another title this year.

Pujols was thanked by his bosses for coming home and you will understand that the Saint-Louis crowd appreciated it.

It should also be noted that Molina and Pujols received a choice honor from the city of Saint-Louis. Which? October 4 and 5 are now forever recognized in the city as Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols Days.


Do you want more? Note that the three players, who began their career under the orders of a Tony La Russa who will announce his retirement tomorrow, all left the match at the same time.

They were able to afford it because the Cards ranking (third in the National) is cast in stone for the playoffs. I tell you: there is magic in Saint-Louis right now.

  • 1,500 strikeouts for Robbie Ray.
  • Managing the Red Sox: Quite a challenge.
  • The former Blue Jays did well.

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