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After three games, Alex Verdugo believes doubters have been confounded

Prior to the start of this campaign, few pundits gave the Boston Red Sox even a slim chance of making the playoffs. With good reason, since the Boston training has far too many shortcomings to aspire to anything.

However, on the player side, it seems like it doesn’t take much to give them hope. Indeed, two narrow victories against the Baltimore Orioles and now Alex Verdugo believes that he and his teammates have dispelled the doubts. Yes yes, even if they are on the right track, we are talking about the Orioles and three small games.


I feel like we knew who we were as a team. We know we have good hitters. Many people wanted to count us as dead. But we have guys who fight every shot, have good sticks, see shots and work on the counts.

It might be necessary to explain to Verdugo that no one questions the strike force of the Bas Rouges. The problem is more on the mound, as evidenced by their 23 points allowed in three games against Baltimore. Imagine against the big hitters of MLB.

And everyone knows that this attack will have its ups and downs during the season.

Presumably Verdugo will continue to hope as the Red Sox prepare to host the Pittsburgh Pirates for another three-game series before embarking on a seven-game trip to Detroit and Tampa Bay. He will be able to continue shoveling clouds.

We’ll talk about it in October.

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