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Aaron Hicks isn’t sure his future is in New York

Aaron Hicks is having a very bad season. Between the injuries of recent years, the setbacks of 2022 and the pressure due to his contract, the center fielder is in doubt at the moment.

In the short term, the club will seek to use him as much as possible, but the arrival of Harrison Bader (he is expected to be off the injured list tomorrow) will cut into his playing time.

And in the long run, it’s not better.

In fact, with everything going on, Hicks is visibly questioning his future with the Yankees.

There are three years left on the outfielder’s contract at $30 million (in total) and following the moment when they sang “Joey Gallo” to him in New York, he seems to have started to wonder if he should not do as Gallo: to leave.

It’s on his mind, anyway.

The Yankees will have to make a decision [sur son avenir] and I will wait.

It’s not really in my hands.

-Aaron Hicks

Clearly, there is a parallel to be drawn between the two men. Could Hicks, a former Twins, benefit from a change of scenery?

He did see that Gallo, in a better environment for him, is doing better. He even referenced this podcast featuring Dave Roberts, where he is seen being complimentary towards Gallo.

Hicks says he wants to play often so he can give it his all. Is it bad with Aaron Boone? It is very possible, we will tell each other.

But quick like that, if a club wants to get Hicks, Brian Cashman will have to make an important decision for the outfield of his club, which could be amputated by Aaron Judge this winter.

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