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a union meeting of… 15 minutes

MLB and its players are trying to agree on the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement. No, I start again.

MLB and its players pretend to try to agree on the terms of a new collective agreement. There you go.

At this point, it is clear that no one wants to water down their wine and that the word “compromise” is not in anyone’s vocabulary.

The proof? For the second time this month, the two parties met to talk a bit about the economic files of the work stoppage. That said, the meeting lasted… only 15 minutes.

No need to tell you no, an employment contract has not been signed. The preparatory matches are due to start in nine days, but that will not be the case.

In fact, if an agreement is not reached in nine or 11 days, the season will not start on time. As simple as that.

There may have been a 20-minute discussion between the big guys afterwards, but that doesn’t change much.

Note that the players have increased the demands for the pay of young players. The MLBPA wants $115 million to redistribute to players who are not eligible for arbitration instead of $100 million.

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They backtracked on the number of players eligible for arbitration with more than two years of service, but MLB doesn’t want to know. It didn’t help to end the encounter.

It’s bad, guys.

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