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MLB in brief: Juan Soto and Vladdy among the elite

Juan Soto and Vladdy among the elite

For the next few seasons, they should be in the top-3 most dangerous hitters in baseball…and they’ll get paid for it.

No games by March 5

MLB has canceled all preseason games by then – with good reason.

Moreover, the MLBPA and the bosses will meet on Monday.

Robbie Ray’s Technique

He changes his grip on the ball (on the rapids) depending on the hitter.

Brandon Nimmo wants to play center

And this, despite the presence of Starling Marte.

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Andrew Benintendi, a year later

What is the outcome of the transaction?

Frank Herrmann joins the Blue Jays

The former pitcher joins the management of the club.

A name to watch

Kwang-Hyun Kim could interest teams looking for depth.

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