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What is a good gaa for NHL goalie?

The top goaltenders in the National Hockey League have a GAA of about 1.85-2.10, although the measure of a good GAA changes as different playing styles come and go.

Likewise, what is a good GAA NHL? A good goals against average will fall between 2.00 and 2.70 for NHL goaltenders. Anything between 2.70-3.00 is considered respectable, while below 2.00 is very exceptional.

Moreover, what are good stats for an NHL goalie? As a rule of thumb a goalie wants to have a save percentage that is better than average, and is looking at hitting the . 915% mark or higher over the course of a season. The league average is 0.910%.

Furthermore, who has the lowest GAA in the NHL?

  1. Bill Durnan. MTL. 383.
  2. Marty Turco. DAL, CHI, BOS. 543.
  3. Jacques Plante. MTL, NYR, STL, TOR, BOS. 837.
  4. Manny Legace. LAK, DET, STL, CAR. 365.
  5. Jonathan Quick. LAK. 704. 1,657.
  6. Henrik Lundqvist. NYR. 887. 2,101.
  7. Cory Schneider. VAN, NJD, NYI. 410. 945.
  8. Corey Crawford. CHI. 488. 1,146.

Similarly, what does G mean in hockey?

  • Goals. A goal is awarded to the last player on the scoring team to touch the puck prior to the puck entering the net. Note: Goals scored during a shootout do not count towards a player’s goal total. A.
  1. (Tie) Edmonton Oilers 12, Chicago Blackhawks 9 (Dec. 11, 1985) Gretzky once again found a way to dot the NHL record book, as his Oilers were involved the co-highest scoring game in history, a 12-9 triumph over the Blackhawks.


What do goalie stats mean?

These are the number of wins, losses, ties, and overtime/shootout losses recorded by the goaltender during the season. For every league that I can think of, the current definition of these are the goaltenders in net at the time of the game-winning goal (the N+1th goal, when the losing team scores N goals).

What is the record for most shutouts in a NHL season?

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The National Hockey League (NHL) modern record for most shutouts by a goalie in a season is 15 shutouts by Tony Esposito (Canada) playing for the Chicago Blackhawks (USA) in the 1969-70 season.

Who is the #1 goalie in the NHL?

  1. Andrei Vasilevskiy, Tampa Bay Lightning. The reigning Vezina Trophy winner as the best goalie in the NHL, Vasilevskiy was 39-10-4 with a 2.40 goals-against average, a . 925 save percentage and six shutouts last season.

What goalie has the most wins this year?

Andrei Vasilevskiy had the most wins by a goalie in 2020-21, with 31 wins.

What is a good SV in hockey?

Anytime an NHL goaltender averages over a 0.920 SV%, it’s considered exceptional – especially coming from your starter.

What player has the least goals in the NHL?

Unless you were Ken Daneyko. Daneyko played defense for the New Jersey Devils for a very long time and was very much a stay at home type of defenseman. At one point, he went 255 games without scoring a goal.

What are 4 goals in hockey called?

Scoring four goals in a hockey game is much less common than a hat trick. If a player scores four goals in a single game, it is sometimes referred to as a “Texas hat trick.” This term is less commonly used than a hat trick, and its origins are uncertain.

What is GF in hockey stats?

GF – Goals for – Number of goals the team has scored. GA – Goals against – Number of goals scored against the team. OTW – Overtime Win. SOW – Shoot Out Win. ROW – Regulation plus Overtime Wins, not including shootouts.

What is PPP in hockey stats?

PPP stands for power play points, which is the sum of goals and assists earned by players on the power play. Nikita Kucherov (Tampa Bay Lightning) led all NHL players with 48 power play points (15G, 33A) in the 2018-19 Season.

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What NHL goalie has the most Stanley Cups?

  1. Jacques Plante. 1955-56 – 1959-60. 1952-53 (MTL)
  2. Charlie Hodge. 1957-58 – 1959-60. 1955-56 (MTL)
  3. Ken Dryden. 1975-76 – 1978-79. 1970-71 (MTL)
  4. Turk Broda. 1946-47 – 1948-49.
  5. Grant Fuhr. 1983-84 – 1984-85.
  6. Clint Benedict. 1919-20 – 1920-21.
  7. Terry Sawchuk. 1953-54 – 1954-55.
  8. Johnny Bower. 1961-62 – 1963-64.

What’s the longest NHL game?

In 1936, Detroit defeated the Montreal Maroons, 1-0, after 116 minutes and 30 seconds of hockey, the longest NHL playoff game in history. That broke the record set in 1933, when the Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Boston Bruins, 1-0, in a game that took 104 minutes and 46 seconds.

Who is the highest paid goalie in the NHL?

  1. Sergei Bobrovsky ($10 million)
  2. Elvis Merzlikins ($4 million)
  3. Linus Ullmark ($5 million)
  4. Matt Murray ($6.25 million)
  5. Mikko Koskinen ($4.5 million)
  6. Jordan Binnington ($6 million)
  7. Petr Mrazek ($3.8 million)

How do you read a hockey goalie?

Goalie Stats GS – The number of games a goalie has started for his team. W – The number of regular and overtime wins a goalie has. L – The number of times a goalie has lost a game. OT – Losses the goalie has had during overtime or a shootout.

What does SOG stand for in hockey?

SOG. Shots on goal. This refers to the number of times a player has directed the puck directly at the goal. Also refers to the number of shots on goal faced by a goaltender.

Is a goal considered a shot on goal in hockey?

Every goal and every save count as shots on goal. This leads to an exception to the definition of a shot on goal. If the ball or puck hits the goal post or crossbar, ricochets off the goaltender, and into the net, it is a goal, and therefore a shot on goal, with the exception of NHL or ice hockey.

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Which goalie has the most saves in the 2020 NHL playoffs?

Joonas Korpisalo has the most saves by a goalie in a playoff game, with 85 saves versus the Lightning on August 11, 2020.

Who is the best goalie 2022?

  1. Ederson Santana de Moraes.
  2. Manuel Neuer.
  3. Thibaut Courtois.
  4. Mike Maignan.
  5. Keylor Navas.
  6. Gianluigi Donnarumma.
  7. Peter Gulacsi.
  8. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen. Marc Andre Ter Stegen of FC Barcelona reacts during the La Liga Santander match against Valencia CF in Valencia, Spain.

Who is the youngest NHL goalie?

Spencer Knight was the youngest goalie in 2020-21.

Who is the best goalie now?

  1. Sergei Bobrovsky. After two seasons spent in Florida, the seven-year, $70 million deal the Panthers gave Sergei Bobrovsky in 2019 appeared to be a major mistake.
  2. Ilya Sorokin.
  3. Tristan Jarry.
  4. Jacob Markstrom.
  5. John Gibson.
  6. Jack Campbell.
  7. Andrei Vasilevskiy.
  8. Juuse Saros.

Which NHL goalie has the best save percentage 2021?

Andrei Vasilevskiy had the best save percentage by a goalie in the 2021 playoffs, at . 937.

What is the best NHL season record?

The Detroit Red Wings were a tough team to beat in 1995-96, setting a new record with 62 wins in a season. Scott Bowman’s club won the President’s Trophy with the NHL’s best record, finishing 24 points ahead of the next best team (Philadelphia).

What goalie played the most games in a season?

Martin Brodeur has started the most games by a goalie in a season, with 78 starts in 2006-07.

How is GAA calculated?

Goals-against average, or GAA, is the number of goals allowed per 60 minutes played, rounded to two decimal points. The formula for calculating this statistic consists of multiplying the number of goals allowed by 60 and divide by the total number of minutes played.

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