What hockey card is worth the most money?

Sold for $465,000, the 1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card is the most valuable hockey card of all time.

Moreover, how do I know if my hockey cards are worth money? How Do I Know if my Hockey Cards are Worth Money? There’s a few things to look out for. The player, their impact on the game, the year of the card (rookie year is always better), the condition of the card, and it’s scarcity all contribute to price.

Amazingly, what is the rarest hockey card in the world? NHL great Wayne Gretzky has set a lot of records and he just added another to his resume. His rookie card recently sold for $3.75 million, which is the highest price ever for a single hockey card. Heritage Auctions sold the Gem Mint 10 rated 1979 O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie card for the whopping price, according to ESPN.

In regards to, what hockey cards from the 90s are worth money?

  1. 1990-91 Pro Set Stanley Cup Hologram. Thirty years later, the Stanley Cup Hologram remains the ultimate chase card for hockey card collectors.
  2. 1990-91 Score #439: Martin Brodeur RC.
  3. 1990-91 Upper Deck #356: Jaromir Jagr RC.
  4. 1990-91 OPC Premier #30: Sergei Fedorov RC.

Also know, what are the top 10 most valuable hockey cards?

  1. 1979-80 O-Pee-Chee Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card #18.
  2. 1979-80 Topps Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card #18.
  3. 1966 Topps Bobby Orr Rookie Card #35.
  4. 2015 Upper Deck The Cup Connor McDavid Rookie Card #197.
  5. 2006-07 Upper Deck The Cup Dual NHL Shields Wayne Gretzky/Mario Lemieux #DASGL.

15) Patrick Roy: 1986-87 Topps This 1986-87 Topps rookie card of Patrick Roy is valued at over $300 with a high grade.


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How much is a Sidney Crosby rookie card worth?

Price: $119,000. The 2005-06 Crosby rookie card from Upper Deck is currently on eBay for the cost of an exotic sports car or an entire four-year degree. The black diamond card is graded as perfection and four times more expensive than other cards which are going for nearly $30,000.

Are Wayne Gretzky cards worth anything?

The card was first sold in August of 2016 for a then-record $465,000. Four years later, in December of 2020, the card was purchased at auction for $1.29 million, setting a new record. Five months later, the Gretzky rookie fetched a whopping $3.75 million. There have been other records shattered recently as well.

How much is a Connor McDavid rookie card worth?

Connor McDavid rookie card sells for more than $135K, breaking modern records.

Are any 1991 hockey cards worth money?

That’s funny if you think about it, because hockey cards in the 1991-92 season were worth $15 million to the players and owners – money worth fighting over — and yet hockey cards from that year are practically worthless today.

What hockey cards are worth collecting?

  1. 1979 O-Pee-Chee #18 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card.
  2. 1966 Topps USA Test #35 Bobby Orr Rookie Card.
  3. 1979 Topps #18 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card.
  4. 1958 Topps #66 Bobby Hull Rookie Card.
  5. 1966 Topps #35 Bobby Orr Rookie Card.
  6. 1911 C55 Imperial Tobacco #38 Georges Vezina Rookie Card.

How many Gretzky rookie cards exist?

Wayne Gretzky has two official rookie cards – the 1979-1980 Topps #18 and 1979-1980 O-Pee-Cee (OPC) #18 cards. The Topps version is the one distributed in the United States whereas OPC cards were distributed for sale throughout Canada.

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How much is a Ken Dryden rookie card worth?

A PSA 10 Topps Dryden rookie sold for $3,500 in 2020. 9s have inched over $1,000 lately, which is about three times the pre-2020 price. PSA 8s of the Topps version have inched back into the $350-$450 range after trading for over $800 at times in 2021.

How much are LeBron James rookie cards worth?

Collectors continue to seek out rare and valuable LeBron James cards. Goldin Auctions set a new record price when a 2003-04 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Patch Autograph sold for over $2 million dollars.

How many Wayne Gretzky cards are there?

We have 1482 cards in our Wayne Gretzky checklist.

What is the most valuable Sidney Crosby rookie card?

2005-06 Upper Deck Ice Sidney Crosby RC #106 #/99 An iconic card of its own, 2005-06 Upper Deck Ice is the most valuable of the non-autographed Sidney Crosby rookie cards. With just 99 copies available, it’s also one the most sought-after among all his releases.

How much is a 1991 Wayne Gretzky card worth?

1991 Score Wayne Gretzky Value: $0.99 – $265.00 | MAVIN.

What is Alex Ovechkin’s rookie card worth?

Another one of Ovi’s rookie cards, this time from Upper Deck’s 2005-06 Series 2 set also just sold for an all-time high. Ovechkin’s 2005 Upper Deck PSA 10 rookie card set an all-time high when it sold for $8,756.84 last week. The card sold for $2,499.99 a year ago it’s up 250.28%!

What’s the most expensive Connor McDavid card?

  1. 2015-16 Upper Deck The Cup Connor McDavid RC #197 /99. And here it is, the big one, the most valuable one of all, the 2015-16 Upper Deck The Cup Connor McDavid Rookie Card. Autograph, patch, tiny print run, high-profile release, brand affinity — the card literally has it all.
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What Pro Set cards are worth money?

  1. 1990 Pro Set #666 Steve Young.
  2. 1990 Pro Set #338 Ludwell Denny.
  3. 1990 Pro Set Lombardi Trophy Hologram.
  4. 1990 Pro Set #204 Fred Marion Belt Variation.
  5. 1990 Pro Set #772 Dexter Manley Substance Abuse Variation.
  6. 1990 Pro Set #1 Barry Sanders Hawaii Promo.

Do hockey cards go up in value?

Text: BROCKVILLE, ONT. — Hockey card collecting has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few months, with a few rare cards selling for six figures, like the Wayne Gretzky card that recently sold for $1.3 million. But not all cards are considered equal, with common cards only worth pennies on the dollar.

What should I do with my old hockey cards?

  1. Donate them.
  2. Put them in a garage/yard sale.
  3. List them in an online classified.
  4. Donate them to a charity auction.
  5. Give them to some neighbors.
  6. Advertise them in your local newspaper/shopper.
  7. Barter.
  8. Package them up and give them away at Halloween.

Are O-Pee-Chee cards worth anything?

So it’s no surprise that his cards come with a hefty price tag. O-Pee-Chee’s 1979 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card is one of the most valuable hockey cards of all time. The most recent sale of a PSA 10 was for $1.29 million in 2020. The O-Pee-Chee Gretzky rookie is iconic (look for them on eBay).

How much is a rookie Mickey Mantle card worth?

Essentially, there are two main cards that collectors consider as Mickey Mantle rookie cards: 1951 Bowman #253 Mickey Mantle (his true rookie card) – $2000 – $1 million+ 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle – $5000 – $2 million+

Are Barry Bonds cards worth anything?

This Barry Bonds card with Johny Ray pictured on the front goes down in hobby history as one of the most recognizable error cards ever produced. And as you can see, it’s value has held up very well over time. Even in lower grade they can still go for hundreds of dollars.

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