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Frequent question: Why is the hockey girls rated tv ma?

Expect some swearing (including “f–k” and “s–t”). There is also some sexual content including kissing, implied sexual acts, and sex scenes (without full-frontal nudity). There are elements of teen drinking and smoking — although it’s worth noting that the legal age for drinking in Spain is 18 and smoking is 13.

Similarly, is the hockey girls Lgbtq? Lorena (Mireia Oriol) is a free spirited lesbian. Her father is a rock musician who doesn’t live with them. She aspires to be as free as he is. She has a brother on the boys’ hockey team.

Also, why is see rated TV MA? The violence is one of the main reasons for the more mature audiences. There are some very graphic moments throughout the first season, including the beheadings of characters and maulings.

Beside the above, will there be a season 3 of hockey girls? Hockey girls season 3 might release in the late 2022.

Additionally, is the Hockey Girls Season 2 on Netflix? It arrived on Netflix in the majority of regions on September 20th, 2019.Currently you are able to watch “Les de l’hoquei” streaming on Netflix.

Will there be a second season of the hockey girls?

They also said that they have new ideas in mind for the show. Since Netflix doesn’t produce the show, it is completely on TV3 in Spain to renew the show for a second season.

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