Does hockey intelligym really work?

The Hockey IntelliGym is a breakthrough cognitive training technology that hones hockey sense and has been scientifically proven to improve player safety, heighten spatial awareness and foster better anticipation of the play.

In this regard, how do I increase my hockey IQ? Practice drills such as playing scrimmages in smaller areas of the ice can really help players develop a sense of anticipation and force them to think and react faster with less time and space available.

Similarly, what is hockey IntelliGym? The Hockey IntelliGym® is a computer-based cognitive training program for athletes proven to enhance Hockey IQ and improve on-ice performance by strengthening cognitive skills including anticipation, awareness, decision making under pressure, and focus.

Subsequently, can hockey sense be taught? Using the Hockey Intelligym program, players can be trained in developing their hockey sense. Wilson describes it as going to the gym but for your brain. As players now train their stickhandling and shooting in the off-season to sharpen those areas of their skillsets they can now work on all aspects of their game.

Considering this, does IntelliGym work on iPad? Can the IntelliGym® be run on a PSP, Wii, iPad, or other gaming or mobile device? No. The Hockey IntelliGym is not a game, it is a software-based training program.Players should start with basic shooting skills, focusing on wrist shots and backhand shots for players 8 years old and younger, USA Hockey suggests. At 10 years old, players can add flip shots, screen shots, deflections, and off-rebound shots to their skill development list.


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How do you teach hockey?

How do I subscribe to the live barn?

Visit and sign up. Monthly subscriptions start from $14.95, enabling you to watch Ice Hockey from all LiveBarn equipped venues.

How do you make a quick decision in hockey?

At what age do hockey players get scouted?

These are 14- and 15-year-old kids who have a lot of growing up to do. In the Ontario League, where kids are drafted at age 15, scouts often start taking note of them when they are 14 and come back to see them the next year.

What age do hockey players develop?

Nearly 80% of NHL players continued playing other sports during the ages of 15-18. The average NHL player began skating and playing hockey after the age of four, and they did not specialize in hockey until after the age of 14. The average age of specialization was not until the age of 16 years old.

How do I know if my child is good at hockey?

You can tell if your kid is good at hockey if they are good at puck handling, sharp turns, acceleration, and hand-eye coordination. Another invaluable trait is teamwork; Your kid should work well with teammates since hockey is all about passing and assistance.

What are the basic skills of hockey?

  1. First Touch. It is important that you have a great first touch and move the ball in the direction of where space is available.
  2. Leading. Leading is a great skill to have when trying to get into a good position on the field.
  3. Passing.
  4. Hit.
  5. Flat Stick Tackle.
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How do kids hold a hockey stick?

How do you explain hockey to a child?

What is the cost for LiveBarn?

LiveBarn is available via a monthly subscription basis starting at $14.95/month.

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