Who owns simola golf estate?

Clearly the developers of Simola Golf and Country Estate, a joint venture between W F Osner (Pty) Ltd, an 80-year-old construction and property development company, and Kat Leisure (Pty) Ltd, a company focusing on the development and management of leisure industry companies, were to cherish the location presented to …

Also know, when was Simola built? Driven by Mr. Avril Kaschula of Kat Leisure, a long hitter with a firm grip and a passion to succeed, the Simola Golf & Country Estate emerged early 2005 as one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country with a residential estate offering exceptional investment value as well as a quality lifestyle opportunity.

Considering this, who designed Simola golf? Jack Nicklaus wrote of his design at Simola that it was his “… aim to create a golf course that will be a demanding test of skill for the accomplished golfer playing from the back tees.

In this regard, how many bunkers does Simola have? Those who know Simola will be familiar with its fabulous white sand complexes (93 bunkers, many built to help keep players safe from stray golf balls in specific areas on a narrow layout).

In regards to, when did Simola golf course open? The Jack Nicklaus designed Simola opened in 2005 – only the third Golden Bear signature course in South Africa – and it sits majestically on a wooded landscape overlooking the Knysna River, with the Outeniqua mountain range in the background.On the border of the Knysna forest, Simola is less than 7km from the centre of town and the world renowned Knysna estuary. Its convenient location makes it the ideal base from which to explore the rest of the Garden Route. Visit us to experience the magic of Simola.

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