Where to buy disc golf?


Moreover, how much does a set of disc golf discs cost? The average cost of a disc golf disc is around $13 to $15 dollars. But disc golf discs can cost between $8 dollars and $20 dollars depending on quality of plastic, manufacturer, rarity, dye, type of disc, and whether the model is still being made.

Additionally, which disc golf brand is best?

  1. Best Overall: Innova Champion Roc3 at Amazon.
  2. Best Value: Innova Disc Golf Starter Set at Amazon.
  3. Best Distance Driver: Neutron Tesla Distance Driver at Amazon.
  4. Best Mid-Range: Innova Champion Mako 3 disc golf at Amazon.
  5. Best for Beginners: Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Starter Set at Amazon.

Also know, why are disc golf discs sold out? Many disc golfers have voiced their frustrations with the decrease in disc production this year. Due to a disruption in the plastics supply chain, as well as diminished capacity at some manufacturing facilities, along with a significant increase in demand, the supply of discs decreased drastically in 2020.

Similarly, is axiom owned by MVP? Are Axiom and MVP the same company? Yes! Axiom is another brand of MVP Disc Sports.


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Is nailed it disc golf legit?

Jon Maag recommends Nailed It Disc Golf. Absolutely consistent and reliable source for a TON of great discs. Incredibly fast shipping, great pulls on mystery discs (hint, hint), and excellent communication when needed – which, given their track record, is not much.

Is disc golf expensive?

The total cost of Disc Golf to get started: no more than $40-100 dollars. If you go super cheap, you can start out for around $20 bucks. If you play on free courses weekly, you will end up paying zero dollars to play for the whole year. Most amateur players play monthly and again this will cost you nothing per year.

How many discs do I need for disc golf?

In order to play disc golf, you need at least 3 discs: a driver, a mid-range, and a putter. But you should carry at least 6 discs (2 of each type) with you whenever you go out to play a round.

Do you pay to play disc golf?

Yes. Almost all disc golf courses are free. Roughly 90% percent of disc golf courses are run by towns or cities and are completely free, public parks. Roughly 10% percent of disc golf courses are Pay2play and require you to pay fees to play.

What should every disc golfer have?

In order to play disc golf, you need at least 3 disc golf discs (preferably 6), a bag to carry your discs, some course-appropriate accessories (water, snacks, disc retreiver, towel, mini marker disc, sharpie), and a good local course to play disc golf on.

What is the most popular disc golf driver?

Destroyer For most people, the debate over the best disc golf distance driver begins and ends with the Destroyer. This is the most popular driver in the game and the favorite disc for many professional players for a number of reasons.

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What should I look for when buying a disc golf?

  1. Speed ranges 1 to 14. Speed is just about the single most important factor when looking for disc golf discs.
  2. Glide ranges 1 to 7.
  3. Turn ranges 1 to -5.
  4. Fade ranges from 0 to 5.
  5. Don’t worry about what the pros throw…
  6. Skip the drivers.
  7. Weight matters.
  8. Plastic matters.

Is disc golf getting more popular?

“Disc golf is definitely on the rise,” said Graham, who is now the executive director of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). “More and more communities around the country are installing courses and more and more people are playing the sport and sanctioning events.”

Why are discs so hard to find?

Higher interest in the sport means courses are seeing more traffic, tournaments are seeing larger waitlists, and it has become tougher to find new discs due to production and stock issues.

Is disc golf getting popular?

All those new courses have provided a bevy of opportunities for disc golfers to get out and play. And play they did. That’s a nearly 50% increase over 2020 scoring numbers, a clear sign that disc golf’s popularity has staying power. Every U.S. state experienced double-digit growth in rounds played from 2020 to 2021.

What is the best MVP plastic?

Plasma is MVP’s best looking plastic in our opinion. It has a metallic sheen that can be swirly or withsparkles! It is semi-gummy and provides a slightly more understable flight than Neutron and because it has slightly more dome it will give you a touch more glide than other premium plastics.

What discs does MVP make?

  1. 24.5mm Class (Distance Driver) Limit – MVP Disc Sports.
  2. 21mm Class (Distance Driver) Thrill – Axiom Discs.
  3. 18mm Class (Fairway Driver) Amp – MVP Disc Sports.
  4. 16.5mm Class (Fairway Driver)
  5. 13mm Class (Midrange)
  6. 12mm Class (Midrange)
  7. 10mm Class (Putt/Approach)
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Which MVP plastic is the most stable?

Proton: Proton is MVP’s Premium look and performance plastic. It is the most durable and designed to withstand the roughest conditions.

Where is nailed it disc golf located?

Nailed It Disc Golf LLC 6407 Jacquelyn Rd Schofield, WI Amusement & Recreation NEC – MapQuest.

Who is foundation disc golf?

McBeth and Thomas brought in Zach Biscardi, another Liberty University teammate, and in February of 2019, the three of them launched Foundation Disc Golf, a new online retail shop. Zach Biscardi (left) and Hunter Thomas in Foundation’s first YouTube video.

Can you play disc golf with a regular Frisbee?

Yes, you can play disc golf with a frisbee. You cannot play competitively, but you can use regular frisbees to practice on the course to improve your accuracy and your distance.

How do you throw a disc golf?

What size disc golf should I get?

Mid weight discs are used by all players and heaviest ones are most suitable for competing players and in special conditions. 170-172 grams and 173-175 grams are approriate weight classes for putters for most players. A heavier disc is more reliable as it is stabler and less sensitive to wind.

What are the 3 discs used for disc golf?

There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers. Putters are similar to the discs used in simple games of catch, such as the Wham-o brand Frisbee.

Do heavier discs fly farther?

A little easier to get out there, but not as much control and even less control in wind. ALL else being equal, lighter discs will go farther than heavier discs.

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