What does coming over the top mean in golf?

When a player comes over the top, their hands and arms are moving out away from their body, toward the target line, during the initial stages of the downswing (see photo, above). The clubhead naturally follows, swinging out and then down and across the target line — toward the left hip pocket — through impact.

Considering this, what is coming over the top in golf? Over the Top is perhaps the most common swing fault among high handicap golfers. It occurs due to an overuse of the upper body on the downswing. As a result the club will be thrown on the outside of the intended swing plane with the club head approaching the ball from outside to in.

Also the question is, how do I stop coming over the top in golf?

Likewise, what happens when you come over the top?

How do I stop hitting a slice?

How do you fix an over the top slice?

Why do I hit from the top?

Hitting from the top is a common golf swing problem that most certainly originates in the hands and arms. Excessive tension is usually the culprit. Next time you go out to play, feel like your grip pressure is very light. This will ensure a smooth swing and the ‘over the top’ will disappear.

Does coming over the top cause a hook?

Coming over the top is an error which occurs when you get to the top of the backswing. The next move is supposed to be powered by the lower half of the body and getting it wrong will mess up your swing plane, causing hooks, slices and other common swing issues.

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Why do I slice with my driver but not my irons?

The general problem with a slice is that your stance is too open. This means that your leading foot is behind the trailing foot when facing the target. To exacerbate this, golfers tend to open their stance aiming further left and increasing the angle of the out-to-in swing path.

Is your driver swing different from irons?

The main difference in a driver swing vs an iron swing is the way you attack the golf ball. Iron swings must drive down into the ball so that the loft of the club does the work to get the ball off the ground.

How do golf pros swing so fast?

How do I know if my golf swing is over the top?

A golfer is said to swing over the top of the ball when the club comes down on a very steep angle from outside-inside. … The ball flight can be a pull or a pull hook to the left, or a terrible slice to the right. The over-the top golfer uses their shoulders too much on the downswing to try to produce power.

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