What are the best clubs to use in golf clash?

From here on, the Skewer will be the better golf club. The Dart is also pretty good, but for the end-game players, the Rapier should be the absolute wedge. Regrettably, there aren’t any good choices for rough irons in golf clash. The Roughcutter is probably the first impressive rough iron in the game.

Also the question is, how do you win a Golf Clash every time?

  1. Don’t be afraid of power: powerful shots are scary because you have less control, but they can get you further down the fairway.
  2. Learn wind charts: though it’s a bit of a pro skill, wind charts help vastly improve your game.

Also know, how do you get better clubs in Golf Clash? You can upgrade your golf clubs by selecting the golf bag icon from the main menu screen. From here you will also be able to see how many cards are needed to upgrade each club. Clubs Cards can be found in any Chest and can also be purchased from Golf Clash store.

Also, which wood is best for Golf Clash? The Hammerhead The first wood on the tour progression that has decent accuracy. On the down side, it’s an epic and will take a long time to level up.

Furthermore, is Golf Clash rigged? In the end, it has to be said that Golf Clash isn’t rigged. The game is just bad at handling its replay method which is why so many players believe that it is rigged. In the end, all you can do is keep practicing in order to beat even the best replays.


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Can you join multiple clans in Golf Clash?

No, you can only be in one clan at once.

How do you make money on Golf Clash?

  1. A tricky part of Golf Clash is the fact that you need to spend money on entering tours which are also the best way to earn more money.
  2. Getting the balance right is key here.
  3. Ideally, hang around the first couple of tours to build your finances up.

Can you practice in Golf Clash?

Play – selecting play will put you into a tournament match so that you can post your tournament score. When tournament practice is available you will be able to practice by using your Practice Tokens, at a cost of one token per hole.

How much money does Golf Clash make?

Golf Clash revenue surpasses $225 million worldwide, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates.

How do you hit a perfect shot in Golf Clash?

How do you get a platinum chest in Golf Clash?

There are tons of chests in Golf Clash that are ready to be collected, including: Wooden, Silver, Gold and Platinum Chests – These Chests can be earned by winning matches or finishing in the top positions in your weekly league. You will also receive 1 free Wooden Chest every 4 hours.

When should I upgrade my beginner golf clubs?

Do not upgrade from beginner clubs until you have an established swing; this is around a 15 handicap. A beginner’s swing will change a lot. Even if you get fitted for golf clubs, you might think your golf fit was incorrect, but in reality, your swing changed.

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What is accuracy in Golf Clash?

You might have an idea of how accuracy functions in Golf Clash. Accuracy has no effect on your meter. It won’t slow down the meter while you’re in the process of timing the perfect shot. As a matter of fact, higher accuracy won’t really have any bad effect on any of your gameplay elements.

How do you use the wind in Golf Clash?

What happens when you max out a club in golf clash?

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