Should you lift your left heel golf swing?

It’s OK to lift your left foot off the ground a little. And current players such as Bubba Watson do it also. Lifting your left heel up will help you rotate your hips for a bigger turn in your backswing. So if you’re struggling with power and clubhead speed, then let your left heel lift up a bit.

Beside the above, does lifting left heel in golf swing?

Additionally, do pro golfers lift their left heel?

Subsequently, which golfers lift their left heel? In today’s world, the list of those players who allow their left heel to leave the ground is considerably shorter then in earlier days. Those that immediately come to mind are Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Bubba Watson, Tom Watson, and the late Payne Stewart.

Furthermore, is it OK to lift front heel in backswing? Letting your left heel come off the ground during your backswing can help you make a full turn. I’ve always let my heel rise because my trunk is not as flexible as some golfers’, and I have a long backswing. Other players can keep the heel on the ground and complete a fully coiled shoulder rotation—either way works.


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How do I keep my left foot planted in golf?

To swing around a solid left side, plant your left foot into the ground as you swing through impact. It’s important to maintain the same amount of forward bend from address all the way through impact. This allows you to stay over the ball without moving your spine angle up or down, ensuring a solid strike.

Why does Bubba Watson lift his heel when putting?

Instead, the two-time Masters champion admits lifting the heel off the ground during the swing helps him maximise his distance, and gives him a bigger move to enter the back of the ball. Why not put some of this drills into play the next time you’re out on the course or practice area?

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How do you roll your ankles in the golf swing?

Should I open my left foot in golf swing?

Should my left foot move golf swing?

When should I straighten my left leg in golf?

How much weight do you gain on the left foot of impact?

Instead, in the downswing, you should start to have more of your weight on your front foot when your hands are about belt-high in the downswing. At impact, you ought to have about 75% of your weight onto your front foot.

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