Can you play football if you have hiv?

People cannot be banned from playing sport just because they are infected with a blood-borne virus (BBV) such as HIV or hepatitis B or C. You cannot catch HIV or hepatitis B or C just from playing sport with an infected player.

People ask also, can a person with HIV play professional sports? The NCAA does not restrict athletes from competing because they are infected with the virus that causes AIDS. In 1988, reacting to fears of AIDS, soccer’s world governing body, FIFA, ruled that players have to wear shin guards to protect themselves against cuts.

Also know, is exercise bad for people who are HIV positive? Yes! Being HIV-positive is no different from being HIV-negative when it comes to exercise. Regular physical activity and exercise are part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone, including people living with HIV.

Likewise, does HIV affect athletic performance? Conclusion. HIV infection was independently associated with reduced physical performance. HIV and reduced physical performance have independent and joint effects on mortality. Physical performance measurement may be an important research and clinical tool to predict adverse outcomes among aging HIV-infected persons.

Also, what should I avoid if I have HIV? Limit your sugar and salt. Whether because of the virus or the treatment drugs you’re taking, HIV raises your chances of getting heart disease. Too much sugar and salt can harm your ticker. So aim to get less than 10% of your calories each day from foods and drinks with added sugar.

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