How much is an autographed basketball worth?

  1. Research your collection.
  2. Decide if you want to sell (remove emotional attachment)
  3. Set reasonable expectations.
  4. Don’t sell on eBay (unless you really know what you’re doing)
  5. Sell to a reputable dealer.
  6. Package your collection safely for shipping.

Also know, how much is a Michael Jordan autograph basketball? Still, your autographed Michael Jordan basketball is a highly prized, sought-after example of sports memorabilia, and worth about $1,400.

Similarly, what is a basketball signed by Kobe Bryant worth? This important ball is selling for $2.888 million, plus $240 in shipping from Beverly Hills, California. “Kobe’s autograph will only continue to rise as he died at age 41 and will never sign again,” reads the item description. The seller claims that the ball could be worth $10 million in 10 years.

Amazingly, how much is Kobe Bryant’s signature? It comes with authentication from a major sports autograph firm. Current Value is Approximately $2,500. Kobe Bryant Signed Photo.

Moreover, are signed baseballs worth anything? Every autographed baseball of any current player should be on an official Major League Baseball. With the exception of All Star and World Series logo baseballs, the official MLB baseball is what everyone wants. Getting an autograph on an Official League ball or a plastic China baseball is practically worthless.


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Do autographs increase in value?

Signed historical documents are investment grade opportunities. Since WWII the highest quality documents have averaged an annualized return of more than 10% per year. Even a simple autograph has demonstrated impressive growth over the last 50 years: more than 9% per year.

How do you protect an autographed basketball?

The best way to protect your ball from damage is to get a display case for it. A well-made display case will both protect your ball and enhance its appeal when you display it.

How do I authenticate my signature?

  1. Step No. 1: Apply the Burden of Proof.
  2. Step No. 2: Ascertain the Provenance.
  3. Step No. 3: Check Consistency with Authentic Examples.
  4. Step No. 4: Make Sure the Paper, Pen and Ink Are Right.
  5. Step No.
  6. Step No.
  7. Step No.
  8. Step No.

What is Kobe Bryant’s signature?

But he quickly dropped his last name when signing a year or two later to “Kobe 8.” His signature has remained relatively consistent until 2006 when Bryant switched his jersey number to 24. Bryant’s current autograph simply features his initials “KB.”

What was Kobe Bryant’s signature move?

Kobe Bryant Fadeaway. The most skilled player in the league today has found a way to account for his body’s wear and tear by developing one of the most indefensible, deadly and feared moves in all of basketball: the fadeaway. Kobe’s fadeaway has been the staple of Staples Center for the past decade plus.

What is a Kobe Bryant rookie card worth?

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The base version is expensive in its own right but its the refractor parallel whose prices are off the charts. Examples of this card that have been graded in PSA 10 condition have been selling for between $14,000 and $17,000 over the past few years.

Just like the sheath logo, the Black Mamba represented two unique personalities of Kobe Bryant. The sheath logo looks at his talent and devotion to training. The Black Mamba Logo represents his personality on and off the court. In 2003, he was at the top of his sporting career.

What are Kobe jerseys worth?

Kobe Bryant rookie jersey sells for record $3.69 million – Los Angeles Times.

How much is Babe Ruth’s signature worth?

One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed baseball in general is worth about $25,000. -$50,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that accompanies the signature.

How do I find out what my autograph is worth?

You can also go to an appraiser, who will give you an estimate, if you’re just curious about an autograph’s value. The appraiser will also give you some idea of whether the autograph is authentic.

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