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Minors: Jacob Stallings: Embracing The Grind

2016-05-07 16:59:59 UTC – # comments here

“Nobody ever really wants to catch. I love to catch.” Born in Kansas, but raised in Nashville, Jacob Stallings thought he was destined to be a catcher for the Commodores. As 2016 begins, he could be latest in a deep line of former Tar Heels to reach major league baseball. Stallings, 25, a senior sign in 2012 after graduating with an Exercise Sports Science degree, broke camp in April at Triple-A Indianapolis in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ organization, one injury away from PNC Park. View Complete Story

College: Tim Fedroff: A Pocket Full Of History

2016-03-27 15:04:16 UTC – # comments here

Every time Tim Fedroff took the amateur baseball fields during his teenage years, a little something made him feel like a major leaguer. Fedroff had a secret. For all of the legends to grace Yankee Stadium - Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe Dimaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Reggie Jackson - Fedroff was secretly playing with a pocket full of history. View Complete Story

College: Nick Lowe: From England With Love

2016-02-15 13:19:35 UTC – # comments here

As far as he knows, he’s the only one. With the anticipation of graduation, a new job and one final season in the pool for the University of North Carolina, real life is weighing on senior sprinter Nick Lowe. But after the early alarm clock has sounded, the hours in the pool are complete, and the last echo of the classroom lectures dissipate, Lowe heads home to something no other Tar Heel athlete can understand. A spouse. View Complete Story

College: UNC's Katie Bowen: 8,436 Miles From Home

2016-01-09 22:07:14 UTC – # comments here

Forgive North Carolina Tar Heel junior midfielder Katie Bowen if her yellow highlighter is running low on ink. She has a lot of dates colored in on her calendar. Concurrent with another Tar Heels undefeated magical run through the ACC, the New Zealander has her eyes on another set of fixtures. These matches will dictate her next summer vacation. 9,030 miles from her dorm room in Chapel Hill. Welcome to the football life of Katie Bowen, the only kind of life she’s known. View Complete Story

UNC: Houston Summers: From Throwing Baseballs to Javelins

2013-08-05 17:09:17 UTC – # comments here

Houston Summers could’ve stopped after having a professional baseball career. It would’ve likely been enough of an accomplishment to then stop after being accepted to the University of North Carolina after that professional athletic career ended. And maybe he should’ve realized that above-average baseball speed did not cross over to track speed. View Complete Story

College: Chrishawn Williams: UNC long jumper sets her sights on Olympic glory

2013-05-16 06:01:57 UTC – # comments here

Running fast and jumping long. These are the athletic attributes that have come naturally to UNC's long jumper Chrishawn Williams since she was 7. State titles and national rankings have been her rewards. But being one of the U.S.'s top long jumpers hasn't been a smoothly paved road for Williams. Five coaches in four years. "Call To Jesus" Saturday mornings. Trying out simply to remain on the squad after her sophomore year. Now, upon graduation, one more pursuit. The Olympic Games. View Complete Story
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