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Meredith: Meredith's Newton: Excelling From One Court To Another

2016-03-17 15:38:42 UTC – # comments here

“Tell me your story.” That’s been the command by which Meredith College tennis player Mary Lawrence Newton has lived her life. For years, she’d step off the court and provide an unvarnished debriefing to her tennis mentor. A serendipitous meeting 16 years ago has led to a career of accomplishments, a treasured mentor, and life lessons applicable for the Angels’ rising senior’s burgeoning career – in the field of law. View Complete Story

Meredith: Meredith's Stuber: Christmas on Rooftop of Africa

2016-02-28 13:39:08 UTC – # comments here

The word “adventure” can nearly be spelled with every letter of her name. Meredith lacrosse player Andie Stuber and her family take the word adventure to an entirely new level. Whitewater rafting, getaways to Japan, Australia and Europe – those are just some of the escapades defining the Stuber experience. And last Christmas, while most were going downstairs to see what lay under the Christmas tree, the Stubers were going up – climbing the tallest free-standing mountain in Africa. View Complete Story

College: Clarke Glendenning: Meredith's Sweet Setter

2015-12-06 14:24:01 UTC – # comments here

While most college athletes are delicately allocating time between practices, training, term papers and exams, Meredith College volleyball player Clarke Glendenning also stirs in an additional ingredient. She's folded a baking hobby into a sweet flourishing business as the owner of Clarke's Custom Cupcakes. View Complete Story

College: Meredith's Katie Burnet: Maga Knows Best

2014-05-19 19:14:41 UTC – # comments here

A rising lacrosse star known across the Triangle after assisting Apex to a pair of state titles, she was armed with a D-I scholarship. Just months before setting foot on campus, her head coach abruptly left. She was homesick, injured and disappointed, and ready to give up her stick for good. Standing at a crossroads in her life, she turned to someone she could trust. She turned to her grandma. Maga's advice that would indirectly turn the Meredith lacrosse program into champions. View Complete Story

Meredith: Puja Patel: Meredith's International Diamond In The Rough

2013-11-09 15:03:11 UTC – # comments here

Eight months after picking up a tennis racquet, she won a state title. Four years later, she was nationally ranked in her country of over 1 billion people. At 17, she and her family moved 9,000 miles away to a North Carolina town of 1,564. An U.S. state title and three Player of the Year awards later, India’s loss is Meredith College’s gain. View Complete Story
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