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Duke: Duke's Mike Matuella: Top Of The Hill

2016-04-24 13:58:29 UTC – # comments here

Two years ago, Marcus Stroman became the highest-ever drafted player in Duke history. He went 22nd to Toronto. In a few short months, it’s probable that Mike Matuella could lay the trump card atop Stroman, raising the bar of Duke baseball to heights unseen. Thanks to a dismal 64-98 campaign that led to manager Kirk Gibson’s firing, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be up first on the mic, with a chance to start the transformation process of the organization. Matuella may be their man. View Complete Story

Duke: Duke's Katie Trees: Pitch Perfect

2014-09-24 19:32:57 UTC – # comments here

The life of any dedicated, elite athlete hears similar refrains. Early mornings. Train. Condition. Practice. Play. Repeat. For Duke dual-sport star Katie Trees, the 6:30am workouts applied to her as well. Regularly she’d wake up before the perfect San Diego sun and head off to her individual lessons. For these lessons, Trees would leave her cleats and sticks behind. View Complete Story

Minors: Sallie's Story: Duke's Jim Gallagher

2014-03-01 22:50:47 UTC – # comments here

As far as Jim Gallagher can remember, baseball has always been his life. In the last two years, Gallagher has seen the circle of life up close. He’s lost. He’s found. The former Duke outfielder has embraced an entirely different look into the lens of life. View Complete Story
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