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College: A 3 For The Road: Krystal Barrett

2017-01-06 17:27:55 UTC – # comments here

Her career was over. That fateful moment when NC State's Krystal Barrett went down with a torn ACL on December 19th against the Davidson Wildcats. The senior from Dallas, hoping to lead the Wolfpack to consecutive NCAA appearances, would have surgery two week later. Her season would be shifted from a captain on the court to a cheerleader on the sideline. There would be no more driving. No more defending. No more scoring. She would finish with 767 career points. Then came Senior Day. View Complete Story

MLB: Scott Pose: For The Love Of The Game

2016-10-28 14:31:37 UTC – # comments here

Since he could barely walk, he always played baseball for the love of the game. Nearly 30 years later, he never dreamed that the Silver Screen would come calling - with a role in one of Hollywood’s most romantic sports movies of all time. For Scott Pose’s love of the game would intersect with Kevin Costner’s For The Love Of The Game. View Complete Story

MLB: Jhan Marinez: From Socks And Sticks To MLB

2016-10-21 21:36:19 UTC – # comments here

It’s only happened six times. Jhan Marinez is a footnote to baseball history. Fourteen months after making his major league debut with the Florida Marlins, Marinez was traded to the Chicago White Sox – for a manager. It’s just one of the unusual steps for Jhan Marinez as he paces through his baseball career. View Complete Story

Minors: Curt Casali: This Was The Dream

2016-10-15 14:36:55 UTC – # comments here

One moment, he's searching frantically for his cell phone. The next moment, he's overcome with emotions. A 6-foot, 2-inch, cerebral, measured and introspective catcher is reduced to a puddle of emotions. What happened in between is what he's been playing for his entire life. All that remains is an empty locker. In Curt Casali's words: This was the dream. View Complete Story

Minors: Jonathan Diaz: Road from Hurricanes to Raleigh To Fenway

2016-10-07 16:30:38 UTC – # comments here

Growing up in the shadows of "The U" in Coral Gables, FL, Jonathan Diaz’s baseball options were fairly limited. Standing 5'9", and not blessed with power, Diaz has the innate ability to defend, yet he understands his baseball margins. What Diaz trusts are his baseball instincts and his heart for the game he’s been playing as an undersized ballplayer since he was a kid. But being small would never be an excuse. Now, the former Wolfpack infielder is one call from the majors leagues. View Complete Story
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