Fashion's Find: Shopping Trip Alters Career Path

  • Name: Jennie Krauser
  • Age: 21
  • Organization: NC State women's soccer, Woodbridge (CA) HS

The sun was shining on the fashionable stops of Los Angeles. It was just another ordinary snapshot in the West Coast lifestyle. However, during a shopping expedition to find the perfect dress for the prom, a life was altered, and a burgeoning career took flight.

Back in 2007, Jennie Krauser was your standard teenager. Living in Irvine, CA, the beach was never more than a stone’s throw away. Life moved fast for everyone, including sophomores at Woodbridge High School. But this day, Krauer was still your standard teenager. Out on a shopping trip with her mother, the main focus of Krauser’s future was prom. That changed as fast as a souped-up Maserati accelerating up Interstate 5.

I hope this doesn’t sound too weird or creepy. I’m needing a model for a huge fashion show in L.A. I saw you try on a bunch of dresses of mine, and you’d be perfect.

Those are the words recalled by Krauser, who took the man’s card when the conversation ended. However, Krauser needed confirmation that this purported man represented what he did. A long-time employee of the shop confirmed. That was Adolfo. Krauser checked the line of the dresses she was trying on. The name? Adolfo. It was a match that would ignite a modeling career.

Krauser went to the show, walked the runway, beamed at the cameras shooting from all angles for an upcoming Adolfo collection in a magazine.

But lightning would not strike just once for Krauser. Another Hollywood tale was right around the corner.

Sports have always been a central part of Krauser’s life. Tennis, track, cross country and soccer have all competed for Krauser’s fleeting time. Also fighting for Krauser’s precious moments were injuries. ACL tears. Seasons lost. Early morning rehabs. Perseverance runs thick in the Krauser household. The sporting life certainly has not come without its sacrifices for Krauser.

Within months of Krauser’s impeccable prom dress fortune, she found herself at her sister’s soccer club. Madison, now a sophomore midfielder for the Colorado Buffaloes, and a number of young soccer hopefuls, would be treated to a non-pitch pitch by a Hollywood casting director. He was shooting a movie called Soccer Mom, and was looking for some young, exuberant, soccer-playing extras. So Jennie and others were chosen, and after analyzing the skillwork of these youth players, Jennie was selected to appear in the movie. From the knees down.

The young star in the movie, Cassie Scerbo , who played Tiffany in the flick, didn’t have the footwork that the director Greg McClatchy was needing. Jennie did. Jennie became the leg-double for Cassie.

“My first time being on set, to see the whole experience was incredible,” Krauser recalled. “We had to be there at 5am and the shoot for the movie was pretty long. We were there for 11 or 12 days. With all of the young kids on the set, we still had a certain number of school hours we had to get in, so they would take us into trailer for 3-6 hours of study hall while they shot the movie.”

Despite the long days, the experience was more than worthwhile for Krauser.

“Since I played soccer, I couldn’t be paid,” Krauser said. “I took what I made and donated it to the soccer club. But my legs are in one of the pictures on the back of the movie DVD box!”

The entre into magazines and acting didn’t stop there for the ambitious Krauser. Since she was recruited to NC State to play under head coaches Steve Springthorp and now current head coach Tim Santoro, Krauser remains on a tight schedule with practices, matches, classes and photo shoots that have taken her across the country at times.

Krauser signed with Talent One, a leading Triangle-based talent agency, and has expanded her reach into magazines, radio and even into an ESPN television commercial.

As a red-shirt junior with one more year of eligibility remaining, Krauser wants to return to wrap up her soccer career with NC State in 2014, pivoting her life from the hallways of Woodbridge High to the pitch of NC State, and returning to the glitz and glamour of L.A. with the hopes of a movie production career, where we know lightning can strike 100 times in 100 takes.

It is Hollywood after all.

(Photo courtesy: Jennie Krauser.)

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