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College: Pennies From Heaven: NC State's Marissa Kastanek

2014-05-15 16:40:00 UTC – 38 comments

How many times have you walked down the street and seen a penny? During NC State All-America Marissa Kastanek's time in Raleigh, the answer is too many to count. But Kastanek continued to find coins laying on the ground. In the parking deck. On her way to class. They were just coins thrown into a jar. Until a revelation occurred. View Complete Story

MLB: Brandon Guyer: A Fearless Bet For A Lifetime

2014-04-15 15:54:15 UTC – 10 comments

It began as a $50 bet. It ended in marriage. What happened in between is a story of sports, love and timing for Tampa Bay Rays and Durham Bulls outfielder Brandon Guyer and Lindsay Murphy, with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in. View Complete Story

Minors: Chris Archer: Jilted As Teen Fuels Comet to Tampa Bay

2014-03-31 14:00:26 UTC – 7 comments

A few hours before making his major league debut at Nationals Park in Washington, DC last June 20th, Clayton, NC native Chris Archer took pause in the visiting clubhouse for the Tampa Bay Rays. Archer stole a moment. Not to focus on phenom Bryce Harper or his match-up against Stephen Strasburg. Instead, Archer's thoughts wandered back to a single white envelope he received 10 years prior when he was 13 years old. The contents of which still motivate and empower Archer to this day. View Complete Story

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College: Mike Wright: Whiteville's Pirate Closing In On Baltimore

2014-07-15 21:55:50 UTC – 0 comments

The chorus of Mike Wright’s dream can be heard across the nation. Ever since he could pick up a baseball, he wanted to become a major leaguer. However, this self-described late bloomer required plenty of fortune along the way, and a nudge from his older sister to position him at MLB’s doorstep. View Complete Story

College: Josh Adams: True To Form - ACC Rookie of Year Giving Back

2014-07-15 14:43:22 UTC – 8 comments

Josh Adams was taught at an early age to give. Help within the community. Be a great teammate. Lead. Josh and his mother built their house together. Then he built a nationally-recognized football career in the Triangle and in the ACC, gouging defenses for nearly 10,000 yards. Now – after chance lunch meeting five months ago – Josh has a new chance to lead on a daily basis at Sanderson High School this fall – on the gridiron, and also with some very special students. View Complete Story

Minors: Jonathan Diaz: Road from Hurricanes to Raleigh To Fenway

2014-07-12 20:58:18 UTC – 5 comments

Growing up in the shadows of "The U" in Coral Gables, FL, Jonathan Diaz’s baseball options were fairly limited. Standing 5'9", and not blessed with power, Diaz has the innate ability to defend, yet he understands his baseball margins. What Diaz trusts are his baseball instincts and his heart for the game he’s been playing as an undersized ballplayer since he was a kid. But being small would never be an excuse. Now, the former Wolfpack infielder is one call from the majors leagues. View Complete Story

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Minors: From River City To The Big Apple: MLB OF Justin Christian Read Story

Great reporting. This guy is what baseball, heck, America, is all about. I'm saving this article.

By h.k.

Minors: Boarding Pass To MLB: Vince Belnome Read Story

Very nice story! Vinnie is representing coatesville very well! Good luck, Vinnie! Hopefully, my nephew, Ty Young will follow in Vinnies footsteps. He's in the Tampa Bay organization too. He was drafted in 2013.

By Linda Gilson

Minors: Steve Geltz: Ransomville's Righty Bucks Long Odds to MLB Read Story

Marcus Geltz you should read this....-Dad

By Stephan Geltz
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