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College: Pennies From Heaven: NC State's Marissa Kastanek

2014-05-15 16:40:00 UTC – 42 comments

How many times have you walked down the street and seen a penny? During NC State All-America Marissa Kastanek's time in Raleigh, the answer is too many to count. But Kastanek continued to find coins laying on the ground. In the parking deck. On her way to class. They were just coins thrown into a jar. Until a revelation occurred. View Complete Story

MLB: Brandon Guyer: A Fearless Bet For A Lifetime

2014-04-15 15:54:15 UTC – 12 comments

It began as a $50 bet. It ended in marriage. What happened in between is a story of sports, love and timing for Tampa Bay Rays and Durham Bulls outfielder Brandon Guyer and Lindsay Murphy, with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in. View Complete Story

Minors: Barreling Toward the Big Leagues: Kirby Yates

2014-07-25 14:55:23 UTC – 138 comments

Hawaii is known for breathtaking beauty. Pristine beaches that stretch for miles. Unrelenting Pacific waves over which surfers salivate. Active volcanos. Luaus. Pearl Harbor. Hawaii isn’t exactly known for producing major league baseball players. However, one family in Hawaii is on the verge of producing not one major leaguer - but two. And a gnarly surfer to boot. View Complete Story

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High Schools: Mykia Jones: Hardwood Pedigree from Raleigh to Wake

2014-11-16 17:27:26 UTC – 26 comments

Whether it was a gathering to watch a relative play in the NBA, a group to watch a state championship game, or a father blowing off dust from tapes from his college playing days, basketball has always been a family affair for this Triangle family. When it came time for Raleigh’s Mykia Jones to look for her college “family” to continue her basketball career, the family tree only had to extend a short drive west to Winston-Salem. View Complete Story

High Schools: Lt. Col. Lance Brown: Serving Two Forces at Panther Creek

2014-11-15 15:08:29 UTC – 3 comments

The game of football is seen as a euphemism for battles and wars. For the Panther Creek Catamount football team, reality on the football field has coalesced with reality on the battlefield. One of their coaches is living out that life -in real time- while the Catamounts enjoy their finest football season in recent history. The Catamount team has played for him, even when they had no idea where in the world he was. He's now briefly back for their biggest game of the season Friday night. View Complete Story

College: Ashley Williams: The Tip of Her Wolfpack Career

2014-11-14 15:17:16 UTC – 5 comments

Sixteen years later, when hit just the right way, it still hurts. It was a gruesome injury suffered at an age of a child numbered in months, not years. It provides a daily reminder to Ashley of a day that she barely remembers. But nearly two decades after an ugly accident, it hasn’t slowed down a college freshman walk-on with an ACC basketball team. Just a mere four games into the regular season, the Reynolds Coliseum crowd has already anointed her as their favorite. View Complete Story

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High Schools: Lt. Col. Lance Brown: Serving Two Forces at Panther Creek Read Story

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High Schools: Lt. Col. Lance Brown: Serving Two Forces at Panther Creek Read Story

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College: Lana Van Dyken: A Mariner In Our Midst Read Story

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