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College: Pennies From Heaven: NC State's Marissa Kastanek

2014-05-15 16:40:00 UTC – 45 comments

How many times have you walked down the street and seen a penny? During NC State All-America Marissa Kastanek's time in Raleigh, the answer is too many to count. But Kastanek continued to find coins laying on the ground. In the parking deck. On her way to class. They were just coins thrown into a jar. Until a revelation occurred. View Complete Story

MLB: Brandon Guyer: A Fearless Bet For A Lifetime

2015-01-06 15:29:59 UTC – 12 comments

It began as a $50 bet. It ended in marriage. What happened in between is a story of sports, love and timing for Tampa Bay Rays and Durham Bulls outfielder Brandon Guyer and Lindsay Murphy, with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in. View Complete Story

Minors: Barreling Toward the Big Leagues: Kirby Yates

2014-07-25 14:55:23 UTC – 138 comments

Hawaii is known for breathtaking beauty. Pristine beaches that stretch for miles. Unrelenting Pacific waves over which surfers salivate. Active volcanos. Luaus. Pearl Harbor. Hawaii isn’t exactly known for producing major league baseball players. However, one family in Hawaii is on the verge of producing not one major leaguer - but two. And a gnarly surfer to boot. View Complete Story

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College: Terry Doyle: My Friend Pete Frates & The #ALS IBC

2015-03-20 08:16:39 UTC – 2 comments

Pete Frates turns 30 years old today. His infant daughter turns four months on New Year’s Eve. 2014 has been quite a year for Frates, the Boston College family and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). If and when the cure for ALS is found, Frates’ ice-cube shaped fingerprints will be all over it. And for Terry Doyle, Frates' Boston College teammate and close friend, he couldn't be prouder and more anxious for that day to come. View Complete Story

NC State: Carlee Schumacher: From The Dairlyland To The ACC

2015-03-19 14:44:32 UTC – 1 comments

With the imminence of Wes Moore’s NC State Wolfpack losing the entirety of his frontcourt at the end of the Pack’s NCAA Tournament run last March, his staff reached 950 miles away to America’s Dairyland. They’re hoping Carlee Schumacher has what it takes to fill the glass on the Wolfpack’s post. View Complete Story

Duke: Duke's Mike Matuella: Top Of The Hill

2015-03-18 01:38:53 UTC – 0 comments

Two years ago, Marcus Stroman became the highest-ever drafted player in Duke history. He went 22nd to Toronto. In a few short months, it’s probable that Mike Matuella could lay the trump card atop Stroman, raising the bar of Duke baseball to heights unseen. Thanks to a dismal 64-98 campaign that led to manager Kirk Gibson’s firing, the Arizona Diamondbacks will be up first on the mic, with a chance to start the transformation process of the organization. Matuella may be their man. View Complete Story

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High Schools: Bobby Allen: The Magic Of Flight Read Story

I think that is Wonderful!!! Stay close to your father..👍😊. And tell him I said Hi... From Mary Byler

By Mary Elyse Byler

Minors: Charlie Montoyo: I Remember It Like Yesterday Read Story

Great news...always been pulling for you..I respect you very much..good luck. ...Jerry espinosa

By jerry espinosa

Minors: Charlie Montoyo: I Remember It Like Yesterday Read Story

You deserve it, always been pulling for you- a guy with lots of class...good luck,

By jerry6 espinosa
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