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College: Pennies From Heaven: NC State's Marissa Kastanek

2013-11-27 14:38:42 UTC – 35 comments

How many times have you walked down the street and seen a penny? During NC State All-America Marissa Kastanek's time in Raleigh, the answer is too many to count. But Kastanek continued to find coins laying on the ground. In the parking deck. On her way to class. They were just coins thrown into a jar. Until a revelation occurred. View Complete Story

Minors: Chris Archer: Jilted As Teen Fuels Comet to Tampa Bay

2014-03-31 14:00:26 UTC – 7 comments

A few hours before making his major league debut at Nationals Park in Washington, DC last June 20th, Clayton, NC native Chris Archer took pause in the visiting clubhouse for the Tampa Bay Rays. Archer stole a moment. Not to focus on phenom Bryce Harper or his match-up against Stephen Strasburg. Instead, Archer's thoughts wandered back to a single white envelope he received 10 years prior when he was 13 years old. The contents of which still motivate and empower Archer to this day. View Complete Story

MLB: Brandon Guyer: A Fearless Bet For A Lifetime

2014-04-15 15:54:15 UTC – 7 comments

It began as a $50 bet. It ended in marriage. What happened in between is a story of sports, love and timing for Tampa Bay Rays and Durham Bulls outfielder Brandon Guyer and Lindsay Murphy, with a little bit of Hollywood mixed in. View Complete Story

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Minors: Barreling Toward the Big Leagues: Kirby Yates

2014-04-08 13:46:17 UTC – 4 comments

Hawaii is known for breathtaking beauty. Pristine beaches that stretch for miles. Unrelenting Pacific waves over which surfers salivate. Active volcanos. Luaus. Pearl Harbor. Hawaii isn’t exactly known for producing major league baseball players. However, one family in Hawaii is on the verge of producing not one major leaguer - but two. And a gnarly surfer to boot. View Complete Story

Minors: Boarding Pass To MLB: Vince Belnome

2014-04-06 11:56:51 UTC – 1 comments

"It was the craziest 24 hours of my life." Reaching the major leagues is impossible enough. But when the call came Thursday afternoon to send a Triple-A All-Star to the big leagues for the first time, a sticky boarding pass policy cost him a chance to reach his lifelong destination on time. It was the biggest day of his life, and he was stuck in airport purgatory. View Complete Story

Minors: Jerry Sands: The Big Leaguer From Little Wilson's Mills

2014-04-04 12:28:52 UTC – 7 comments

The entire population of Wilson’s Mills, North Carolina could nestle into a couple of sections of Dodger Stadium. 2,326 would barely be noticed at the revered Chavez Ravine, which has been home to the Los Angeles Dodgers since 1962. So how did one person from a town less than 4 square miles but Wilson’s Mills on the map? Let Jerry Sands tell you. View Complete Story

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Minors: Boarding Pass To MLB: Vince Belnome Read Story

Very nice story! Vinnie is representing coatesville very well! Good luck, Vinnie! Hopefully, my nephew, Ty Young will follow in Vinnies footsteps. He's in the Tampa Bay organization too. He was drafted in 2013.

By Linda Gilson

Minors: Steve Geltz: Ransomville's Righty Bucks Long Odds to MLB Read Story

Marcus Geltz you should read this....-Dad

By Stephan Geltz

High Schools: Cervi Rises To Top: From Soccer Snub To Football Star Read Story

He is heading to ODU. Our kicker was a senior and an outstanding one. Monarch Nation is proud to get Jarrett.

By Oogie
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